Learn Spanish in an exciting city between the Andes in the east and the Pacific in the west – it`s probably only possible in Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile is a cultural center for music, dance and theatre, but also the modernity. Because of its location, tourists can choose from a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities, such as skiing in the Andes, or swimming in the Pacific, the visit of wine region and so on.

Group lessons
Group courses begin every Monday (all year). Courses are offered for beginners and intermediates. The maximum number of participants is limited to seven people per course. The course lasts for at least 2 weeks (or more), one lesson lasts 50 minutes. Classes are 9:00 to 13:00 or 14:00 to 18:00.

Spanish and Skiing
Santiago is the ideal starting point for skiing or snowboarding in the vicinity. The mountains reach a height of 5000 meters and this allows a breathtaking view over the city. The ski season runs from late June to September.


Staying with a host family gives you the best chance to apply your newly acquired language skills and simultaneously to gain insight into the everyday´s life of a local family. The families will try to provide your staying as pleasant as possible. Of course, you also have the option of staying in a hotel, apartments, or boarding house. If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to contact me.

 "Viña del Mar - Valparaiso"
Learn Spanish in the garden city! The city is located northwest of Santiago and is one of the most important tourist centers in Chile. A warm climate, beautiful beaches and spectacular gardens make the city a true delight. There are a variety of bars and restaurants that complement a great culinary offer. The city is located near the port city of Valparaíso. Viña is well known for the cog railroad, museums, typical Chilean restaurants and so on. The region is also ideal for outdoor activities and excursions to national parks.





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