Cayo largo
Cayo largo

Learn Spanish in Cuba - an unforgettable experience of a special kind. This Caribbean island is impressive for its natural beauty and for its friendly people. Cuba is the birthplace of many Latin American dances like salsa, rumba and so on – this is also reflected in the vitality of the local population.



Havana, founded in 1515, is the capital of the Republic of Cuba and the third-largest city in the Caribbean. The city is rich in historical buildings and monuments, and offers the visitor an insight into the history. Highlights are the former Governor's Palace, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the harbor fortress of La Cabana, the Capitol, the former Presidential Palace and the Gran Teatro de La Habana. The Plaza de la Revolucion (Revolution Square), and the old town are other cultural highlights. The streets are dominated by old American vehicles, and the joy of the people is evident everywhere. The greatest economic sector of Havana is the tourism. Furthermore, in Havana are prepared the cigars, which are named after the city, as well known spirits (rum Havana Club).

Group lessons
The Spanish lessons take place either in the teacher's home, at a host family or in small groups in some cultural centers of Havana.
Small group
4 hours daily in a small group (max. 3 students). This course is only for 2 weeks or more and a minimum number of 2 participants possible.
Spanish & Dance Course
Participants can combine a Spanish course (one-to-one, small group or combined) with a private dance lesson per day. The following dances are offered: salsa, mambo, rumba and son - depending on interest and level.


To allow participants to learn the real life in Cuba, a stay with a host family is recommended. This is the best way to witness the daily life of the people.


Santiago de Cuba

The second largest city of Cuba is in the south of the country and is a major port city. Santiago de Cuba was the starting point of the Cuban Revolution. Many monuments are witness of this period. Cultural attractions are for example the fortress “Castillo San Pedro de la Roca”, the town hall, the "Edificio Bacardi" (first headquarter of the famous liquor company), and many museums. A particular highlight is the dance show "Tropicana Santiago de Cuba". Many restaurants in the center or on the beach offer an entertaining evening program.


Intensive Spanish
In July and August the school offers in Santiago de Cuba an intensive course in Spanish. The course can be booked during this time for a period of 1-6 weeks. The course lasts 4 hours (50 minutes) every day from Monday to Friday. The maximum group size is 8 participants in all levels. Teaching material is included in the course fee.

Individual Spanish
Students who want additional Spanish classes can receive 5 private lessons a week. The focus is then on your interests and needs.

Spanish music and dance lessons
The school offers in the afternoon dance and percussion hours with professional Cuban teachers. All levels, in small groups of max. 4 students (percussion) and max. 10 students (dance), 5 hours (50 minutes) per week. The course also has a rich accompanying program that gives students an insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Cuban population.



Staying with a host family gives you the best chance to apply your newly acquired language skills and simultaneously to gain insight into the everyday´s life of a local family. The families will try to provide your staying as pleasant as possible. Of course, you also have the option of staying in a hotel, apartments, or boarding house. If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to contact me.





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