Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen

Learn Spanish at one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Mexico, and simultaneosly immerse in the Mexican culture.

Playa del Carmen is a tourist resort on Mexico`s Caribbean coast, about 70 kilometers south from Cancun. In the 60s, a small fishing village has developed over the last few decades into a tourist center and it is now starting point for cultural activities. The former Mayan ruins in Tulum (the only one that is right on the sea), and Chichen Itza are doubtless the most important remains of Mayan culture and are definitely worth a visit. But if you are looking for fun, action and entertainment then you have to go to Cancun.

Group lessons
The group lessons consist of four hours of Spanish instruction per day, Monday through Friday from 09:30 to 13:30. The maximum group size is 8 persons. Included in the price: Placement test, Certificate, leisure and cultural activities, student card and access to all the school facilities.

Spanish + Diving course
A special highlight of the school is the range of diving-courses for both, beginners and advanced students.


Staying with a host family gives you the best chance to apply your newly acquired language skills and simultaneously to gain insight into the everyday´s life of a local family. The families will try to provide your staying as pleasant as possible. Of course, you also have the option of staying in a hotel, apartments, or boarding house. If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to contact me.







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