The capital of the province is an important port city on the Mediterranean. Of particular interest is the historical old town and numerous monuments from the Roman period, such as the amphitheater. Tarragona´s land is dominated by hazelnut orchards and vineyards. In the north-east of the city there is a beautiful area with its many coves most of which are accessible only by foot. A cheerful carnival parade takes place every year and it´s an attraction for visitors.


Spanish course for teenagers

This course is designed so that the students can enjoy their Spanish classes and also have fun with learning. The lessons are so varied and playfully designed to make learning as interesting as possible.
The goal of this spanish course is to teach students language skills in all areas, but the focus is in listening and speaking. Many practical exercises and interactions are used for doing this. Since the groups are international, is used for communication within the group only Spanish.





Living with a host family offers the best opportunity, to get to know the Spanish way of life and hospitality and also to learn and improve the language skills through everyday´s life. There are, of course, depending on the request, the choice of apartments with other students, apartment or hotel / boarding house. The student residence is located in the city center, less than 15 minutes walk from the school.  The most of the families live in close proximity to the school.