The volcanic island is the largest of the Canary Islands. There is a year-round mild climate and a diverse vegetation. There are a large number of nature reserves on the island. Tourism is the main source of income. People are known for their life friends and they hold a variety of traditional festivals throughout the year - especially between March and September. Nightlife is also very important in the larger cities. 


 The language School: 

Located in the south of the island, right on the beach and close to the most touristic destinations. Both intensive courses and private lessons are offered at all levels. Classes will be in Spanish from day one.
Depending on how you want to stay, the school will look for the right accommodation for you: family (with or without food), aparthotel, apartment or shared apartment with other students.
The school offers a free activity on a specific day of the week (about 1 hour). It is also possible to book a weekend activity. (for a fee, at least 2 students.)